TP- and MP Cover usage

The use of TP- or MP Covers during storage, transportation and prior to installation of the WTG tower offshore, the interface flange and the TP or the MP is a very important part as it protecting the installation inside the TP´s or MP's from fouling and water ingress. Dansk Polyglas has developed a composite TP- and MP Cover which is made in one piece to avoid as many joints as possible. Joints are the main cause for ingress and it is therefore very important to focus on the right design when openings on the cover is requested. At Dansk Polyglas we are having a proven track record on waterproof solutions when hatches, cable pulling activities, lifting lug boxes, fall arrests, anchor points are requested.

The Covers are designed to withstand weather conditions expected within a duration after TP- or MP fabrication and prior to WTG Tower installation up until to 2 years Offshore based on a storm of 1/10 year return period. The design is allowing an easy access in order to pull-in the interarray cable prior to WTG installation without removing the whole temporary cover as well as the Cover is remaining installed and functional during lifting operations of the jacket.

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