100% Waterproof protection

The TP-cover protects valuable equipment from water, wind and the offshore environment. A “water resistant” solution is just not good enough! That is why our covers are carefully

designed for 100% waterproof protection, due to a unique production setup.

For a decade, Dansk Polyglas have developed and manufactured hundreds of TP covers for the challenging weather conditions faced by the offshore wind industry. Everything we do, from designing to testing and manufacturing, revolves around one single goal:

To deliver a 100% watertight TP cover. Every time.

Turnkey solutions

All our TP covers are designed as ready-to-use solutions without the need for countless assembly hours or large assembly kits. We take pride in delivering a turnkey solution with as

few assembly points as logistically makes sense. Based on years of know-how within the industry and successfully meeting our customers' needs we have designed and manufactured a wide range of functional and safe solutions.

Lifting lug box

See pictures of lifting lug box​

Top hatch

See pictures of top hatch

PVC Cable pull-in

See pictures of PVC Cable pull-in

Large entrance hatch

See pictures of large entrance hatch

Small entrance hatch

See pictures of small entrance hatch


See pictures of ladders

Passive ventilation system

See pictures of passive ventilation system

Eye nuts for lifting and handling

See pictures of eye nuts for lifting and handling

Prepared for tarpaulin

See pictures of covers prepared for tarpaulin

Own design of aliminium handles

See pictures of our own design of aluminium handles

Warning sign

See pictures of warning signs

Anchor points + step

See pictures of anchor points + step

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