Dansk Polyglas A/S have developed unique composite TP- and MP Covers for protecting the advanced equipment installed inside the TP's or the MP's against the corrosive offshore environ-ment until the wind turbine is installed. The extremely high demands for the design and functionality of Covers (e.g. waterproof, easy and safe handling, easy and safe access/exit through the Covers) has let Dansk Polyglas A/S to continuously developing our Covers to contain the following features:

  • Providable in any given size
  • Providable in height of initial 1.305 mm.
  • Designed for Cable pull in activities
  • Capable of carrying 2-3 persons (eq. 250 kg.) at any location on the Walkable Surface
  • Having a total weight of only 500 kg. (e.g. a standard 6,0 m. TP Cover)
  • Designed to resist snow load
  • Providable with Lifting Lug Boxes
  • Providable with one or more built-in steps
  • Providable with anti-slippery surface on top and on the built-in steps
  • Providable with built-in lifting points for handling of equipment or Fall Arrests
  • Providable with custom-made composite Access Hatches in optional sizes
  • Providable with translucent Hatches
  • Providable with a custom-made composite Top Hatch
  • Providable with a custom-made passive composite Ventilator Unit
  • Providable with anti-slippery and safety marking tape in front of all hatches and built-in steps
  • Providable with pull-in-activities which can be performed by either a Tripod or Cable Winch on the Co-ver flange
  • Providable with a Remote release Mechanism
  • Providable with one or more Avanti composite Ladders
  • Providable with a Lightning Protection System
  • Stackable of up to 6 Covers on a pallet
  • Full documented and documentation is being delivered along with the Covers
  • Having an installation time of less than 15 min.
  • The composite Covers are not requiring any maintenan-ce
  • Manufactured acc. to the principle of ISO 9001
  • Providable World Wide​​​

​All TP- and MP Covers are designed, engineered, prototype tested, manufactured and Quality Controlled in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and offshore standards. Our Covers has received complimentary feedback from all our clients and they keep coming back.

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